About Caleo


CALEO Cashmere is a young Austrian cashmere label that stands for timeless design & the highest quality.
The entire range is produced in a small family-run knitting factory in Tuscany. Each item is made of 100% cashmere and is subjected to numerous quality controls.

CALEO Cashmere is run by two women from Upper Austria, who dedicate themselves to the production of their individual cashmere pieces with great passion and ambition. “We love simple cuts, clear forms and elegant colours – that, for us, is cashmere at its most beautiful….” Anna Franz and Elisabeth Bauer / CALEO Cashmere

Anna Franz and Elisabeth Bauer have known each other since childhood and grew up in Gmunden am Traunsee / Upper Austria. Since then they have been close friends. After finishing school they each initially went their own way, but always stayed in touch. Anna went to Siena in Italy, where she lived for many years.

Elisabeth moved to Vienna, and stayed there for 17 years. Having trained in various areas, taken some jobs and gathered a lot of experience in various different sectors – tourism, events, fashion, PR… – the two entrepreneurs had the following in common: a great love of fashion and a strong feeling of responsibility towards the present day, shaped by their families, with whom the two live, now once again in Upper Austria.

Thus their label CALEO Cashmere was created in 2013, representing the highest quality and sustainability. “It is our aim to produce the finest knitwear at the highest quality for the fairest price, and all of that in Europe! Our label should convey luxury, while at the same time being accessible to many!”

CALEO Cashmere got its name from Elisabeth’s and Anna’s first two children – namely CAROLINA & LEOPOLDO….
“…that was very easy – a simple, unmistakeable name for our label, which reflects what is most important to us, our children!” say EB & AF.